Village Fete Report

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Our group consisted of myself Vicki Nelson and Lucy Everitt.  We discussed a number of ideas involving a tour of the studios with a comical aspect  to it.  The idea of splat the rat as a christmas edition, and a santa’s grotto.  We decided the idea we settled on was the most interactive and audience friends idea.  We decided to hand make a 3D treasure map  that customers had to pin point some where on the map where the treasure was hidden.  The gambling aspect of the game drew customers in as it was based on chance and gave an edge of excitement.

We played to our strengths illustration and paper engineering as we had all worked in that medium before.  We realised that we were limited with space so we had to make the map easily portable to move to different stalls when setting up.  We also took into consideration that many of the customers would be fellow viscometers we played on this by giving the map a ‘girly’ humour.  We made sure we had a prize available that was appealing to the customer and made them willing to pay a little but more.  We charged 20p to play our game and had a jumbo sized tube of sweets as the prize this only cost us £1 so was easily made up in profit.  We made a profit of  £2.80.

We made the game simple, with an appealing prize and attractive aesthetic to draw in customers.  We took into account how much other stalls were charging and how much we would be willing to pay at a similar stall, we settled on a 20p fee.  This may have been 5p more than another stall but we felt because of the prize available people would be willing to pay an extra 5p.

There problems in our organisation if we had planned more we could have made a more interesting 3D map, this may have drawn in more customers thus raising more money.



? Networking is some thing that I am not particularly good at or good at making myself do.  I have a complex where by I am reluctant in showing my work to other people.  This is partly because I am a perfectionist in my work and unless I am 100% satisfied with the piece in question the work, to me, is incomplete.  It is also because I am afraid of critique which is some thing I am actively trying to overcome.

I have tried to make a step in the right direction with showing my work to other people for critique by sending 2 of the films I have made (Bicycles, Making Soup) to a London based Art Director I am in connection with and an LA based Graphic Designer.  I also entered some of my work to the international competition Tallenge after a woman had privately contacted me on Vimeo asking me to enter the competition.  I realise this is just the start of small networking, but it is some thing I have become aware is extremely important, utilising contacts and networking myself in order to gain access to work experience et cetera.

Desert Island Disks

lily allen

Lily Allen was the first person I listened to out of the list of podcasts because she is some one who’s music i have listened to since I was a child.  Her music has changed and grown as I’v got older so I felt she was some one who I could relate to and i was interested in.  Initially before I had listened to the podcast I thought it was going to be a discussion of influential music to the person in interview, but after listening to the podcast I realised that it was an interview about the lives of the interviewee.  Every track chosen by Lily Allen I loved, knew and had my own memories to connect with, but it was hearing the insight into her life that I found most interesting this is what made me listen to more of the podcasts.

tom jones

The initial reason I wanted to Sir Tom Jones’s Desert Island Disks was because I thought that he would have chosen some blues, gospel and jazz tracks, all genres of music I love.  But again I ended up more interested in hearing about his life and how he became one of the most influential performers in the music industry.  Hearing the chapters of his life, how he worked to his success, the factory day job he kept, the child he had before his major hits were things I didn’t know before listening to the podcast.  They are informative and also allow an insight into what music has been influential in the peoples lives who have been influential to my self.

terry gilliam

I decided to listen to Terry Gilliam’s Desert Island Disks because I was intrigued to hear about his life and how he came about his profession.  I was interested in this podcast because Terry Gilliam relates to the practice which I am interested in.  I am trying to make myself more aware of influential directors and their works, so this was a podcast I was very interested to listen to.  I am also a Monty Python fan so that was another reason I listened to this interview.

Blue Planet

blue planet

I went home for a weekend during last term and spent saturday evening with my younger brother who is 11.  We’re very similar in our interests and personalities, and we decided to watch an episode of a Blue Planet box set that we had.  We watched ‘The Deep’ and became completely submerged by the amazing footage of the episode!

blue planet 3

blue planet 6  After the weekend I brought the box-set back to Leeds with me.  I watched all the episodes and continued to be completely amazed by the filming of the documentary.  But the most incredible to me is still ‘The Deep’ episode.  I was so intrigued by it that I tried to research how it had been filmed.

blue planet 4

I found out that filming this series was far more difficult than I had anticipated.  The majority of the ocean is barren and it is virtually impossible to predict where, when and how many animals will appear. During the making of Blue Planet this     meant that some of the six week filming trips yielded nothing!  As a result of this unpredictability, production of the series took more than five years.
blue planet 2
To get to the depth of ‘The Deep’ episode and other episodes, the NHU used submersibles that allowed the team to film as deep as 4,500 metres and to capture footage of some of the most grotesque-looking creatures ever filmed.  To film at the ocean floor, the submersibles, driven by the cameramen, were equipped with high definition cameras. The team also designed and built special housing to bare the water pressure. Arms were attached to the craft to allow back and side lighting.

blue planet 7 Alistair Fothergill says: ‘At great depths there are loads of wonderful animals that live in black gloom. We had to develop systems to film them on the surface so we built a special filming tank which creates a whirlpool in the middle to hold the animal still. The animals have no muscles as they do not need them. They just floated there.’

I have always enjoyed nature documentaries not only for the fascinating content but the exceptional quality of filming and difficulties that are over come when filming these programmes.  Blue plant is probably my favourite to watch as I am amazed every time I watch it even more so now knowing the great lengths that are taken in order to capture this rare footage.



I have always been passionate about music and when I was at school I was a member of 4 choirs and was undergoing classical singing training.  Music is some thing I understand better than any thing and have always used as a form of escape.  When I came to uni it was very overwhelming getting to know a new place and living alone for the first time I didn’t get involved with very much of the music scene.  I had busked a small amount and played at a couple of gigs in my first year but didn’t get time to get very involved.


This year I made sure that I joined a choir so that I could get back into classical singing as well as my own playing, singing and writing at the house.  I attend choir every monday and we sing a variety of music ranging from the Pentatonix to The Lion King musical to William Bird.

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I was involved in 2 events that we organised as a group choir one was a Christmas concert with the Brass Band and also an afternoon of busking in The Light Shopping Centre.  Busking was supposed to be some thing that the whole choir did together but only 20 or so of us attended.  We spend 3 hours singing Christmas carols to the public to try and raise money for the choir’s funding.  We raised £93 in the 3 hours.  It was extremely enjoyable and I also got to sing a short solo which I was very glad to be able to do!  The concert that was organised was on the 7th of December and was a great success, the Refectory at the Leeds Student Union was filled by the audience and I thoroughly enjoyed performing in a choir again.  Its also benefited me in the sense of meeting people, I’v met a lot of interesting people studying different things but share my love for singing as well.

Christmas Dinner

As a house we decided to get into the Christmas spirit before we all broke for the holidays and watch a festive film together.  We settled on ‘A Christmas Carol’ which I hadn’t watched before but had read the book as a chid and knew the famous story.


We collaboratively cooked a Christmas meal the day after we had watched ‘A Christmas Carol’. We made it as traditional as possible but on a student budget of course.  We decorated the table with tall candle sticks in bottles and crackers on the table with all the food in the middle.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 13.05.45

a christmas carol food

After we exchanged secrete santa presents and played board games.  It was an extremely Christmassy evening and brought us all together as opposed to eating at different times and being at different points of the house doing work or other activities.  So it was a great festive way to end the term.

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Recording Finally

Iv finally learnt how to use the recording equipment that I bought a couple of months ago so now i don’t have to do rubbish little recordings on my iPhone… YAY..

This also means that my used to be dormant SoundCloud channel is up and running once more, which is good news for me because now I have some where I can put any recordings I make.. even if its just me who listens to them!