Screen Prints



Visual Exploration Evaluation

 The Visual Exploration Module involved 4 tasks, the first of which was a photography project within the light night event.  I focused particularly on buildings that were not directly linked with lightnight but fitted into the general theme.  I was pleased with this agenda as it allowed me to shoot some of the more urban and less crowded areas of the city at night time.  I felt that I photographed within my brief and tried to stick as closely to the task in hand, but I often found my self straying and taking pictures of general scenes that interested me.  In future I will try harder to remember I have a specific agenda so I am able to produce more diverse shots within my brief.


The second task was to create a screen print from observational drawings of food we did in groups around Leeds.  I spent a lot of my time in the Oriental supermarket as the food looked more interesting and peculiar.  However after drawing some of the food I found that more traditional food was more interesting to tern into a piece of design.  I specifically looked forward to printing and was pleased with the end result of my print of a recreated piece of broccoli.  I chose brown and pick to make the image less obvious that it was a vegetable and more of a tree, it also related to a more earthy pallet.


Our third task was the design of a zine.  For this project we were required to work in groups, after much apprehension I actually enjoyed working in a group and found the individual inputs and perspectives brought an interesting and different design to our final zine.  I appreciated the small format as I felt it gave more room to use intricate design and felt generally more personal.  In future I would make sure to do more research on this topic as there is a deep and interesting history and every zine is so diverse.  I feel I still have much to learn on this topic.


 The typography poster was the last task of the module.  This was the first time I had ever studied type, and I found the topic extremely interesting.  I appreciated how much attention to detail is required and how such small differences to type communicate many different things.  However I did struggle with the poster as I am some one who is drawn to business, colour and texture and I found it difficult expressing language with out using multi media.  I tried to create a dark atmosphere around my text and I feel I achieved this with my use of colour and point size.  If I was to do this again I would focus more on the more subtle aspects of type in order to communicate different messages.


Over all this module has given me an insight to things I had never learned and I has given me a larger knowledge of Leeds city.  With future projects I intend to make better use of my blog and pay close attention to all information given on estudio.